Friday, April 2, 2010

Just call me "Pin Cushion"

Today I get poked and prodded at the allergist. Oh joy and friggin rapture! I know it's necessary for me to figure out why I have a rash, my hands and feet constantly sweat and I feel like I can't breathe half the time, but (allow me to whine for a second) WHY DOES IT HAVE TO TAKE 3 HOURS??? I hate going to the doctor, so to get in and out is the ONLY way to go for me. But, this appointment is supposed to take 3 hours because they are testing my allergies to see how much they've changed since I was 5 years old. 3 whole hours of the needle torture test and God knows what else! Hopefully, they'll shoot me up with some good drugs and I can pass out into a world of oblivion and good dreams. I have a driver on standby in case I need him. So, I am all set to slip in to the velvet glove! Wish me luck!

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