Monday, April 12, 2010

Listen carefully...You'll be amazed!

Well, We did our first paranormal investigation on Saturday, April 10th! It was a small group of us, Me, Darren, Becky and Brian. We got to my mom's house around 11:30pm and stayed until about 12:45pm. We investigated the top floor first. All of us tried to get a feel for the rooms first before proceeding and we all agreed that the floors were uneven, giving a "funhouse" effect that made us feel uneasy. Once we got passed that, we decided to check out my old room first. We didn't get anything in there. So, we decided to try out my sister's old room. We were all nervous and talking WAY too much, but we managed to get some decent evps! They were very breathy evps of a man trying to communicate. He even answered "Yessss" when I asked "Is anybody here?" It was amazing to hear that on the DVR while going over the evidence!

We then went downstairs and decided to sit in the living room with lights out and quiet. We were discussing the child who was killed by a gasoline truck outside the house in the 30's. It was around that time that we felt cold spots and then caught the voice of a child saying "Hi!" Not once...but TWICE!! Talk about goosebumps! We also caught a few other strange evps, but nothing compared the the "yess" and the "hi!" Totally awesome! I have always believed something was in my mom's house, now I KNOW there is something.

We also took tons of pictures. We didn't really catch anything, except what we believe to be orbs in the backyard. I posted the picture for exhibit. Form your own opinions! They seem pretty distinct and when I took another picture a couple seconds later, there were no orbs in the photo. All in all it was a pretty successful investigation. I am so excited for the next one!

We have a group of 10 coming out with us this weekend. We're investigating my sister's house and possibly revisiting my mom's to try another evp session. We are trying to line up investigations for the next few months. So, if anyone knows of any great spots in the Northern Indiana/Soutwestern Michigan area, let us know!! We want to help!

I always knew there was something beyond flesh and blood out there wanting to be heard. To actually experience it for myself and unlock some doors to communication with the other side is a totally different thing. I am so passionate about this now. I am looking forward to what can be discovered in my own backyard!


  1. This is all incredible, Katy! But most of all, good for you for doing something you are so passionate about. :) I'm proud of ya. Keep on ghost hunting!

    By the way, though it sounds like you all had fun, there's no way I could do this with you... I would ruin the experience with my screaming. Heh heh.

  2. SOOO COOL! I don't know if i would have the guts to do something like that. But i do love all those neat-o ghost-hunter shows and such on Discovery!!! What made you want to start doing this?

  3. As you can tell, I grew up in the house we investigated, so I always knew there was more out there than what we can see. I've always been scared of it, but now I just want to give it a name. I enjoy research and history, so I like to research old homes. If there's reported paranormal activity, I like to take it a step further and investigate. It helps that I have a few friends that enjoy it too! I learned how to do it by watching Ghosthunters, etc.