Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'll play a note of taps for the death of winter, but that's all it gets!! Spring has arrived and with it some unexpected changes in my life. I am already learning how the power of bravery works in my life. It's a very scary thing to put yourself out there and expect some sort of positive return. When you're already a self-doubter and afraid of your own shadow, it can make the challenge that much more daunting. I am learning that I am not getting any younger and it's important at this stage of the game to truly "feel the fear and do it anyway." I have really taken that to heart and so far am getting nothing but positive returns.

It has made me reflect back on other missed opportunities that I should have taken when I had the chance. My insecurities always held me back and I would "predict" what was going to happen in any given situation in order to talk myself out of it. Of course, the outcome was always going to be "horrible" or "embarrassing" and I was sure that I would not survive it. I am learning that I DID NOT give myself enough credit. I am one tough cookie and there is A LOT I can survive!

Every day is becoming a blessing and a gift. I am being shown that I am not alone in life and that there were people waiting in the wings for an opportunity to be in my life. I am so happy that chance has come. I still have some healing and sorting out to do, but I am looking toward brighter days ahead, with wonderful people by my side.

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