Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Humiliation and Ridicule

Oh, the humanity! Just when I thought my job blew as hard as it could, they decided on our new scrubs today. Oh my Lord...why do they come up with new and exciting ways to humiliate us? Our scrub tops seriously look like were about to embark on a the 80' HELL!! Score!! I was hoping I would get to look like I just got back from chillin' at the Jersey Shore with Snookie and The Situation. Time to bust out my Lee Press-Ons and Aqua Net! I told Becky that as soon as we put on those tops were going to have to chew gum constantly and call people "Honey" every chance we get. Oh and Becky added that we will now be required to sell Mary Kay too! :)

I need to get a new job, STAT!! I know there could be worse things than ugly scrubs. I will put them on and deal. But, I really just want to go back to wearing an actual STYLE to work. As soon as I get settled into my new place, I am going on a hardcore job hunt! Until then, I will be rocking the Cheetah Barf Print. OW!!

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  1. The picture is kind of blurry, but you get the idea. the pattern is animal prints with paint splashes on them. U-G-L-Y!!