Monday, June 21, 2010

The Storm...

Friday evening a storm ripped through the area and it was pretty crazy! I was with my family having a cookout when it hit. That thing moved so fast over Lake Michigan that we barely had enough time to get the kids out of the pool and the burgers off the grill before we got spanked by Mother Nature! It was actually kind of cool as my family and I huddled under my sister's little front porch area and watched it unfold. The wind was so strong it was ripping limbs off the trees in front of us. My mom even got smacked in the head with a stray branch as she tried to get some ladies riding their bikes to come into the house to seek shelter. People were flying down the road trying to get home and then...we lost power.

My cousin and I drove around afterward and we almost ran into trees in the road several times. It was kind of nuts! At one point, my cousin jumped out of the car and directed traffic because a tree was blocking the road and you couldn't see what was happening on the other side of it. Luckily, I didn't lose power at my house, so a few people came back to my place that night to hang out. It was so odd driving up US 933, which is normally lit up with businesses and gas stations. It was pitch black except miles and miles of headlights. Everything had a twilight zone feeling. Eerie!

At least everyone ended up being Ok and I got to hang out with family I haven't seen in a while. It was nice to talk to my Uncle about life and love and how to go about finding happiness with myself. I forgot how much family means to me and I know I will keep better contact with them in the future. It took a storm for us to bond again, but I know the love we have for each other never left. I am so happy that their pulling together for me to help me move on Saturday. They don't realize how much stress that takes off my shoulders to know I have that kind of support. My family may be dysfunctional and get very blunt with one another at times, but underneath it all is loyalty and love. That's all we can ever ask for in this life. Awe! <3

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