Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Munchkin Land!!

So, I've been itching to do another ghost hunt lately, but haven't been sure where we could go that would actually ALLOW us to do one. I have been reading up on different area haunts and kept coming across a little spot in Eau Claire, Michigan called "Frost Cemetary/Franklin Church" (aka Munchkin Land). I guess it's called Munchkin Land because there are a lot of children buried in the cemetary and it's a possibility that a child/children were killed by a pastor at the church years ago. Basically, there is supposed to be "child-related" activity there.

So, last night, Darren obliged me and drove me up there to check it out. It's only about a half hour from my house. We had trouble finding it at first, but it was worth the run around. It's located on a dirt road across from a cornfield in the middle of no where!! Franklin is a little white chapel with a bell tower and Frost Cemetary is surrounded by wrought iron fencing flanking the sides and back of the chapel. It's actually a very quiet, pleasant area. It's a nice place to walk around on a hot, summer evening. All we could hear were the Cicadas in the trees. The cemetary is closed at dusk, so we got there before the sun went down to properly stake it out.

My overall impression of the place is that I believe it could have some activity. I kept trying to get my digital camera to work, but it kept dying on me. I noticed that when I would stand at the front of the chapel, my camera would work fine. But, as I moved into the cemetary and behind the chapel, the camera wouldn't let me take pictures and then would abruptly die. But, when I would move back to the front of the chapel, it would work again. I began to get a little freaked out by this occurance, but then my camera started dying no matter where I went and I realized it had to be a dying battery, nothing paranormal. The only thing I had to go by was a feeling I would get. In one part of the cemetary, I would feel light and normal. In other parts, I got a very heavy feeling, almost like I could have a panic attack. Other than that, nothing odd happened.

I would like to go back at night, because of claims that there is a tombstone that glows a greenish color at night, but there are actual security cameras on the front of the chapel. I am guessing that they've had a lot of problems with trespassing. But, we may go back and watch from the road to see if we can catch anything. That place will be fucking CREEPY at night! I am going to continue to search for another place we can actually investigate. But, Munchkin Land was a cool spot just for the hell of it!!

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  1. I have been there many times at night... The frost Stone is the one that glows and I've seen/heard children out there. I actually brought a little girl gone with me fix of messing with a witch board. Then there's a little girl in the bell tower too. It's very active and the people active from the corn field is said to own the place. There's a dark presents inside the church I made it on the window seal and was pushed off by a black mist with red eyes. If you can get permission I would love to go too I miss the kids there...