Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random crap no one cares about 'cept me...

I am so happy that I am finally getting to a point where I can enjoy life again! I am pretty much taking more of a "fuck it" approach to my everyday. I am done worrying about stuff I can't do anything about and focusing more on the things I can. I am really getting into the whole eating healthy thing and working out. I used to do it, but then fell off the wagon and have progressively got more and more out of shape. It just wasn't clicking for me to really get back into until recently. No more crappy fast food or unhealthy portions and I have been trying to get my ass moving in some way everyday. I can't wait to see the results start to really appear. I am taking a vacation at the end of October, so I am hoping that I can start wearing my old "skinny" jeans by then. I am also getting highlights in my hair very soon. I am just trying to improve myself mind, body and soul everyday. :)

On a "soul" note, I am getting really excited about going to my first "psychic fair" on Saturday!! There's going to be some bands and all kinds of palm readers, aura photographers, etc there. I am not 100% into all that stuff, but it's interesting to me. I recently bought a rose quartz pendulum and I am really excited about learning how to properly use it. I'm not like a Wiccan or Hippie, but I have always been drawn into very spiritual hobbies. I am not about to whip out a ouija board or anything. But, I have dabbled in Tarot, I burn incense and I am really interested in the Paranormal. If that makes me weird, I don't give a shit. I say do whatever you feel like doing as long as it isn't hurting anyone. So..yeah...I am taking that philosophy and running with it. :)

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