Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The END...(for now)

As great as this blog has been for helping me to vent in the moment, write through my pain and get perspective on situations that have been really hard to handle, I think I am going to take a break from it for awhile. I know this was supposed to be about the whole "brave" year for me. But, I am going to need longer than that. This has truly been the worst year of my life in a very very long time. It's definitely tested my bravery, my patience and even my SANITY. But, I know I will come out of it stronger and better than ever. I have a lot of stuff to work through in private. I will continue to write for myself, but as I have read over my blog archive, I realize that I am putting a lot of heavy stuff out in the universe and on the internet. As much as I hope it's helping people, I think I need to focus on my health and well being w/o letting the whole world see it. Maybe that makes me "unbrave" right now. But, it's a learning process.

I have two other blogs (cooking and poetry) that I will maintain. And...occasionally...I will still post on here too. But,  I am going to lay off the super serious stuff. All I can say for those who I have worried or offended with this blog...I am sorry. For those who I have helped and who enjoy reading this...I am sorry. I WILL BE BACK!! I just need some healing time. I look forward to sharing happier times on here. I look forward to showing my progress when I feel like I've made enough to make a difference. I wish everyone light and love...and I mean EVERYONE. Peace.

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