Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ready for the Week-ahhhhhnd

So, I am determined to actually have some serious R&R this weekend! I have been so stressed at work lately and a little stressed in my personal life as well, so I am planning to take this weekend and do a lot of the things that have helped me to relax in the past. Cooking, watching good movies, listening to jazz, taking a bath, etc. I need to loosen this tension that's been building for weeks now!!

It seems like whenever I try to have some time to truly relax, life keeps getting in the way and something interrupts my solitude. This weekend is beginning to seem like it will be no different and I am trying to nip it in the bud before it gets out-of-control!! People, who I don't know, don't care about and want nothing to do with, keep calling me and I can't do much about it. My landlady is selling (for now) the house I live in, but she told me she was taking it off the market shortly after I moved in. Now, realtors are calling ME to get the property shown and it's pissing me off!! Finally, I called them and told them to call me ONLY when they are going to show it and all other business needs to go through my landlady. So, wouldn't you know it...I got another call today (while I'm working) letting me know they were going to be showing it on Saturday! UGH!! I just want a whole day where I can do what I want with no interruption from annoying people and their bulllshit business! (Grrrrr...just breathe, Kate!!)

Luckily, it shouldn't last for more than an hour and I can just use that time to do some shopping. :) So far, the things on my two do-list for the weekend include:

Sleeping in
Having a cup of chai tea and honey toast while listening to some jazz
Watching a few good movies or a marathon of good tv (Six Feet Under, Ghosthunters, Sunny or maybe True Blood)
Going for a hike @ Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve
Cooking a fabulous Greek meal (see my blog Fire in Your Belly for more on that!)
Spending time with special people in my life
Taking a hot bath with good smelling bath salts
Some sort of beauty treatment (facial, pedicure, etc)
Shopping for good smelling stuff (candles, Satsuma Orange lotion, etc)
relaxing in the evening with lots of candles and white mini lights lit up
Maybe sitting by a bonfire with good friends and family

but most of all.....taking lots of deep breaths and not thinking for one second about anything that causes me STRESS!!! Ahhhh...can't wait!! :)

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